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Fun Fabric Pet (ban)Dannas

This Fun Fabric Pet (ban)Danna is a stylish accessory for your pet that features a unique, comfortable fit, and show off your four-legged friend's style. Featuring a different fabric each month, you can stay on-trend without breaking the bank. Make sure your pet is always looking peak-chic without compromising quality.

At the end of each month, the current Fun Fabric Pet (ban)Danna will be placed into a Mystery Bag for a surprising treat for both pet and owner!



Our monthly subscribers will benefit from Doggie Danna's partnership with All Dogs Goodies, who provide premium quality treats. Quality is ensured via the use of human-grade ingredients.

Every month, subscribers will receive a different flavor of treats. 

Inside every treat bag comes a surprise for owners, similar to the classic cereal boxes. Stickers, magnets, keychains, etc!

If you want to stop by All Dogs Goodies website, click the link 

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Monthly Subscription and Save

The Fun Fabric Pet (ban)Dannas & Biscuits make ideal gifts for pet owners. Now you can subscribe to receive a new Danna & Biscuits every month, made from high-quality fun patten fabrics, along with human-grade ingredient biscuits that your pet will love. Enjoy a unique style & flavor for your pet every month.


  • Subscribers will receive the following month's Danna ahead of scheduled release.
  • Receive exclusive early access to all new releases and a 10% discount.
  • Billing is on the 1st of each month with shipping afterwards, ensuring your pet always looks their best.
  • The deadline for the current month's Danna & Treats subscription is 10 days before the end of each month. If you subscribe during that time, you will get the next month’s Danna & Treats. This will ensure you are not double billed.
  • If you want just a Danna and no treat, that is also an option.
  • Take advantage of a 10% discount on each (ban)Danna & Biscuits subscription.
  • Subscriptions featuring Danna’s and various size treat bags available. 
  • After four consecutive months of subscription, we express our appreciation to our loyal customers with a 15% discount.

Customer Reviews

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Janet Kilroy
Best of Both

With the subscription my girls get flashy new bandanas for the month and a selection of delicious treats! Mom loves that we match for every season.